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Genesis of establishing Fire Brigade
The seat of ZSP in Zywiec

Genesis of establishing The  Regular Fire Brigade and forming The National Fire Brigade in Zywiec

The Professional Fire Brigade(ZSP) in Zywiec commenced its service for the Town of Zywiec and the Zywiec District on 1st 1968. It was appointed by  the presidium of the Voivodeship People`s Council Resolution in Cracow. The motion was put forward by the then Fire Brigade Chief  - colonel Stanisław Zarzycki..

Image On 1st 1968, six  new tactical and operation units were appointed, independently of  the eight fire brigades already existing in the Cracow province. They were located in: Miechów, Limanowa, Chrzanów, Skawina, Olkusz, Zywiec. At that time there were already a few voluntary fire brigades (OSP) in the town, such as: Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade in the town, (established in in 1872), Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade in the Zabłocie district (set up in 1998) and Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade in the Sporysz district (set up in 1907). There were also some factory voluntary fire brigades (ZOSP). The only Factory Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec paper plant “Solali” (established in 1949), was closed down in December 1967.
Forming The Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec caused dissolution of so called: Emergency Regular Fire Brigade Service, established in 1952, which, on the day of dissolution, had 10 fire-fighters. The  Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec was rated as 4th category. 2nd Lieutenant Czesław Pruski became the Chief of The  Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec.

Image 15th November 1978 was the date of the biggest  rescue operation ever in the history of The Zywiec  Regular Fire Brigade. The fire-fighters, together with other rescue services, were removing the effects of the memorable bus disaster in ‘Wilczy Jar’ ( The Wolf Ravine), where 2 busses plumated from the18-meter-high bridge into Zywieckie Lake, as a result – 30 people died , 9 survived the catastrophe.

Unforgettable are the memories of  the tournament between the towns of Zywiec and Łowicz in June 1986. Zywiec lost slightly, however the Zywiec firemen beat there fellow fire-fighters from Łowicz in two competitions, at the same time, proving Zywiec can always count on them!

Image In appreciation of the Zywiec fire-fighters` service, for their safeguarding the inhabitants  of the Zywiec region, the people of Zywiec and the local communities founded a banner for them. The  Regular Fire Brigade banner was consecrated and handed over to the Fire Brigade Unit at the town square on 30th June 1990. The date was also commemorated by another significant event, which was – opening a  new fire station on Objazdowa Street in Zywiec.

Image The year 1991, was the bleaked year in the history of The Regular Fire Brigade,  which the Zywiec firemen wish not to remember. They were lacking in money for everything: equipment, firefighting resources, clothing, heating the station, and sometimes even fuel for fire engines.
 It was the year of an increase in number of fires and technical rescue operations and at the same time, miserable financial situation.

According to the statutory changes, on 1st July 1992, after almost 25 years of activity,  The Fire Brigade Headquarters and The Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec became disbanded. Instead, The District Fire Brigade Headquarters in Zywiec (KR PSP) and the National Fire Brigade Rescue – Firefighting Unit (JRG PSP) in Zywiec were appointed.

For those 25 years of service, the Zywiec fire-fighters took part in extinguishing  about 2600 fires, more than 1000 technical rescue operations (connected with removing the results of disasters, accidents, floods), and hundreds of other interventions, saving people`s lives and possessions.
By decision of The National  Fire Brigade Head Chief  – the post of  the District Fire Chief was assumed by Capitan  Stanisław Kuliński.  Brigadier Czesław Pruski was nominated as The Commander of the Fire Brigade Rescue – Firefighting Unit in Zywiec.All functionaries who declared their intention of joining The National  Fire Brigade and made a pledge started their service in this formation, retaining the unbroken service record.
At that time, The National  Fire Brigade in Zywiec employed 79 people all together.

On 22 May 1995, Zywiec was visited by Pope John Paul II. Not only did the Zywiec firemen participate preparatory works, but also  safeguarded and secured the visit.
In 1998, The Regular Fire Brigade celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment. During the period of 30 years of professional firefighting in the Zywiec region, 155 people worked in and left  The Regular Fire Brigade (ZSP) and the National Fire Brigade (PSP).

In the National Fire Brigade (PSP), besides tactical, operation and preventive activities, educational activities are conducted as well, both for its own needs and also for the voluntary fire brigade units in the Zywiec region. There is also The Honorary Blood Donor Club (established in 1984) attached to the National Fire Brigade.
The Honorary Blood Donor Club membership complements the humane character of the rescuer – firefighter`s service. The members of the club voluntarily gave their blood to the earthquake victims in Mexico (1985) and in Armenia (1988). They also took part in blood donation campaign ‘Pearl 3’ (associated with Pope John Paul II`s visit in Zywiec). They supported many unknown people with their blood, donating over 100 litres of blood.