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Genesis of establishing Fire Brigade
The seat of ZSP in Zywiec

The seat of The Regular Fire Brigade  (ZSP) in Zywiec 

Image The first seat of The Regular Fire Brigade  (ZSP) in Zywiec was a historical fire station on Kościuszki Street in Zywiec. Built in 1910, it was occupied previously by The Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade and the Emergency Regular Fire Brigades Service. The building was designed to keep horse carts, therefore the entrance gates had to be broadened. The Professional Fire Brigade occupied only 4 rooms with an area of a hundred square metres, on which there were: a common room, an alarm centre, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. It  also used two garage boxes. The other space was used by The Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade. Since 1975, The Regular Fire Brigade took over further space, which, unfortunately, did not change the ‘spartan conditions’, far from the established standards,  that the firefighters had to struggle with. In severe winters, in the bedroom, where there was no heater, the temperature of the atmosphere even fell  to some degrees below zero. At that time they were thinking of building a new fire station for The Regular Fire Brigade. Finally, they obtained an area on Sienkiewicza Street, where in 1975 –76 a modern fire station was intended to be built. Unluckily, even though the whole technical documentation of the construction was prepared, the political changes that occurred in the 70s, prevented them from starting the construction works,  as the dates were  being constantly changed.

It was not until 1984, although with difficulty, that the building of a new fire station for The Regular Fire Brigade in Zywiec began, as part of an expansion of The Zywiec Voluntary Fire Brigade seat in the Sporysz district. The considerable contribution of  the Municipal Council should be emphasised here as well, together with the support of the firefighters team. During the construction works, many corrections were made to the project, all for the sake of the functionality of the building.

Image The construction works improved especially in the late 80s, particularly thanks to Colonel Waldemar Rybkowski. Eventually, a new fire station was opened in 1990  .
The new fire station is the seat of The District Fire Brigade Headquarters and the Fire
Brigade Rescue – Firefighting Unit. The construction of the building solved the previous Zywiec firemen`s problems, considerably changing their service conditions, both social-living conditions and their health and safety. Now, the firemen have more than 50 rooms at their disposal, which are: single, double room, and four-person rooms, managerial point, offices, a lecture theatre, a common room, a television room, a kitchen, a dining-room, 3 bathrooms, a gym, and many other so called ‘base rooms’. There are also 8 double garage boxes. The station is surrounded by storehouses, gas station, a guardroom and a climbing wall. Image

Image In 1997, another building was opened, built on our own, and designed to house  other garages and storehouses. There are also plans to build a sport field. The Fire Brigade Rescue – Firefighting Unit has its own base in Oczków, were water- rescue equipment is stored.